What Is Water Self Supply?

From April 2017 the English water market will open to competition enabling any business in England and Scotland to choose their water retailer. For all large and multi-site water users, Ofwat have approved water self-supply as one of the most cost effective and transparent ways to purchase water.

The Benefits of Self-Supply

  • Buy water at the wholesale price
  • Pay NO retail margin
  • Full visibility of your consumption and cost data at a per meter level
  • Direct relationship with wholesalers enabling quick resolution of any issues

These benefits will only increase over time as wholesale costs are expected to decrease in the next few years.

Our Fully Managed Water Self-Supply Service

We provide a fully managed service that will enable a hassle free switch to self supply and provide on an ongoing basis the following services:

  • Single point of contact for all sites across the country
  • Accurate and consolidated billing and detailed consumption data for water, wastewater and trade effluent
  • Management of all problems and emergencies with any wholesaler across the country
  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
  • Option to work with any water efficiency or leak detection company including with one of our strategic partners who provide these services
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To maximise water efficiency gains we have partnered with 3-4 trusted national water efficiency and engineering companies allowing our clients to pick the best provider for their specific industry and scenario. This ensures a choice of the best water reduction service at the best price rather than a single choice of provider.

Proven Market-Leading Solution

Our team is not new to water retail and has worked in the industry for many years giving us
the knowledge and expertise to understand how the market works in detail. We use a market-leading
solution that:

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Issues £0.5Bn of water bills across
England and Scotland


Provides an outsourced wholesaler management service that resolve issues for hundreds of thousands of customers


Tested the central market operators switching and settlement system

Given the mass market solution we use is tried and tested we are easily able to facilitate self supply for large and multi-site water users.

Who We Work With

We are currently supporting companies in the following sectors:

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Public Sector


Food Drink

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Facilities Management




Logistics & Transport




Care Homes & Hospitals


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